Viking Ship Pop Up card is one of the most unique and outstanding gift that you could ever think of. Thanks to its innovative and creative design, the recipient will sure be thrilled and delighted with all the intricate design, premium and handcrafted artwork, sophisticating details, and unexpected pop-ups that this amazing card offers. 

Materials: Cardstock and Quilling Strips with different colors. High-quality paper.

Cover Sizes: 15 x 15 cm (5.9 x 5.9 inches)

Quantity: Include 1 Pop Up card and a cream envelope for presentation and/or mailing.

What is on the card?

Upon opening, the motif springs to life in a 3-D form of a dark brown Viking ship. This Viking Ship comes with 6 pairs of oars and a white full sail ready to head off to the Western European seas.

There is a very detailed dark brown head of a dragon in front of the Viking ship. The deck is also handcrafted very carefully. Notice a small little red anchor at the corner of the card as well. All of these details are featured on the red cover of this amazing Pop Up card.

This beautiful Viking Ship Pop up Card is made with the latest laser cut technology and individually hand folded and trimmed. All of the complicated designs are then folded neatly into the card.

There are also broad blank spaces on both sides inside the card for a personal written message or note.

Occasions for the Viking Ship Pop up Card:
There are endless ways to use this Pop Up card. This card can be also used for any occasion as a Thank you card or a Birthday Card.

The Viking Pop up Card is an excellent gift for boat enthusiasts or Viking fans.

It is also an ideal gift as a memento of a sailing trip or boating tour.

A Viking Ship Pop up Card is a good idea of souvenirs to your friends who live in the Scandinavia. Or if you are from the Scandinavian areas and you want to send a gift that represents your countries to other people from different countries.

Simply delight your kids with this card on his birthdays. Is there any kid who does not dream of becoming a pirate in a Viking ship and sailing to the high seas?

What to write on a Viking Ship Pop up Card:

This is the perfect chance for you to write something inspirational and personal on this card.

You can wish boat enthusiasts, Viking fans or people participating in a boat trip many new adventures ahead.

For your loved ones, write something romantic such as “Thanks for being the wind in my sails.”

Add some common sentences a pirate used to say like Ahoy, Matey!


Overall, Viking Ship Pop Up card is a 3-D card with a very complicated and awesome design with beautifully made details. This phenomenal card is suitable for many occasions and sure will blow away any recipient with its creativity and uniqueness.