You know that a written greetings card will show a token of your time and love more than anything other gift. However, you still think that they are just too boring; here is another option for you: Pop Up cards

Here are 4 reasons why a Pop up Card is a great gift.

1. Pop Up Card are custom and very unique:

Pop Up cards are hand-made paper card which are inspired by Origami and Kirgami paper art. Using high-end technology, designers will be able to create 3-D engraving images on paper. A typical Pop Up card looks like any other greeting card but when the recipient open the card, a wonderful 3-D structure will spring to life, surprising everyone. Each of a Pop Up card is handmade and has an exclusive design in which, designers can show their creativity and uniqueness. Therefore, the recipient of a Pop Up card will think that the gift is special and is not chosen randomly. 

Moreover, because each of the Pop Up cards is handcrafted, there is a limited quantity of them. Your gift is also very unique to the recipient as well.

2. A 3-D Card is full of surprise:

When you first receive a pop up card, it may appear to you as a normal typical greeting card. However, when you open the Pop Up card, it will sure amaze you. The flat image which you saw before springs to life and turns to a magical 3D structure. You will sure be filled with wonder: How come? How could it do that?? All the 3D structures are also of very high quality with premium artwork and sophisticating details. You will see yourself looking at the card over and over again. This is definitely a memorable gift.

3. Pop Up Cards are suitable for many occasions:

There are many kinds of Pop Up cards for many different occasions. For example, a Pop Up card with an image of Arc De Triomphe can be used as a birthday present or a souvenir for people coming from or to France.

4. Pop Up Cards are also suitable for anyone:

There is no age limit for this type of card. Everyone will have something made especially for them. Kids will enjoy an Aqua Ferris Wheel Pop Up card or a Little Bunny Pop Up card while lovers will enjoy a Heart In Hand Pop Up card for lovers.