Sending flowers is a secret for you to convey the most meaningful and sincere wishes to your friends, relatives and partners. With that in mind, flowers are WOWpaperart's inspiration to create unique pop-up cards, while preserving the original meanings of the flowers


Tulip is one of the world's most recognized and loved flowers. Because of its popularity and various colors as well as its deep meanings, it is no wonder that WOWpaperart has used tulips in many of our pop-up cards

Although yellow flowers have a meaning of a warm friendship, the concept of friendship is not suitable for yellow tulips, because this flower once meant "hopeless love"; however, they are now more commonly associated with thoughts of cheerfulness. If you want to drag someone out of the darkness, a yellow tulips pop-up cards will be the greatest choice. However, you should be careful of the way you present yellow tulips to avoid sending wrong messages to your recipients.

On the other hand, red tulips symbolize passion, affection and long-lasting love. So maybe this one is not as suitable for friends or family members. This flower is associated with 11th anniversary and a red tulip pop-up cards can be considered at the top of the list of presents for this occasion. 


The iris's three petals symbolize faith, valor and wisdom - a message which anyone would be honored to receive. The traditional meaning of purple irises is royalty. Purple can also represents respect and compliments. Therefore, a purple iris pop-up cards can be used as a gift for partners, a birthday present or a wish for good health. 


There are a lot of things to learn about this flower. Its meanings varies greatly from culture to culture. In the West, poppy flowers links to the remembrance of someone’s death, especially soldiers who have died in the war. But in the East, it is considered as a symbol of luxury, success and love as well. Poppy flower is usually used for funerals. Moreover, if you want to surprise your partner with nice things related to flowers, we highly recommend you to consider a bouquet or a red poppy flower pop-up cards so that you can easily express your affection to the recipient.

In the contemporary world, there is a wide selection of flowers and colors for you to choose for certain holidays. With flowers pop-up cards created by WOWpaperart, you can not only send your sincere messages to your precious ones, but you can also make them always feel good due to these long-lasting flowers. But not everyone knows how to choose the right flowers with the right messages. At the time of buying present related to flowers, people often only pay attention to colors and how skillful the arrangements of florists is, without seeking out the meaning of each flower. If you try to research and choose the suitable flowers, we are sure that your receivers will be moved to tears when they realize your sentiment and the hidden messages conveyed in each of your flowers pop-up cards. Whether it is sent on any occasion or for any purpose, WOWpaperart hope that our pop-up cards will become an important part in making people's lives brighter and more encouraged.