Summer time always feels short, so let’s make some memories before the new school year starts. Speaking of summer, what comes to your mind first? Besides sunbathing at the beach, watching sunset, going hiking, searching for something adventurous to explore, are you still missing something? Try to think of things that bring you fresh and peaceful feeling like when you are taking care of a plant. Just as tulips represent spring and red maple forests symbolize autumn, summer has its own middle name, “Sunflower” because this flower blooms mostly during this time of the year.
People usually link sunflowers to the summer because of its strong resemblance to the sun. As “the bright yellow flowers” are famous for the way they’re blooming, or the way their heads always turn to face the sun during the day, we can easily assume that they were made to become one of the most appropriate representations of summer.
So, what is the common meaning of the sunflower in summer? This flower always turns toward the sun, which symbolizes strong optimism. Therefore, people believe that when you gift sunflowers, it not only boosts your receivers’ power and brighten their mood through the vibrancy of their yellow or orange petals, but it also continuously brings yourself strength and positivity. In other words, it can be inferred that a brilliant yellow sunflower can help people feel more energetic and encouraged. 
Summer is the time when sunflowers flourish and finally create a vast land with its bright yellow colour. The flowers are abundant so you can easily buy a bunch as a gift or you can even get round and take your beloved ones to seeing the gorgeous and cheerful sunflower field. But, what if such area is inaccessible from your living area or you want to prepare a simpler, more practical but still surprising present? 
Have you ever thought about the combination of a sunflower and a pop-up card? With sunflower pop-up card by WOWpaperart, not only you can send your sincere messages to your precious one, but you can also convey the positive vibes and encouragement through our sunflowers with stunning and breathtaking designs. Furthermore, you can put some of your photos into this pop-up card as a way to treasure your beautiful memories. These memorable pictures as well as your touching messages will make a meaningful gift. Your receivers will always feel the positive atmosphere that this pop-up card bring to them thanks to these long-lasting sunflowers. Whether it is sent on any occasion or for any purpose, WOWpaperart hope that the pop-up card will become an important part in making people's lives brighter and more encouraged.